Studio-Set is a collaboration with Jasio Stefanski; operating within graphic design and art direction for print, publication, graphic identity, exhibition, and web design projects for cultural clients since 2012.
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Material Art Fair with Good Weather Gallery
Polish Film Festival, 9th Edition Polish Film Festival, 8th Edition
Misc. Posters
Flag Show
Footpaths '92, Northern Spark Festival
Jestem z Polski, I Am from Poland,
Monograph for Wojtek Wieteska

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Margin, 1
Margin, 2
Hiro Abe, Print Gallery Tokyo プリントギャラリ
Margin, 3
James McAnally for US English
Margin, 4
OOIEE (Matt Olson) The Office of Int.Est.Ext.
Margin, 5
Sarah Alfarhan
Margin, 6
Ania Jaworska & Matylda Krzykowski

Out of the Everywhere, Monograph for Brittany Nelson Anderson Publishing Grant, Anderson Gallery Number: 99 Wizardly prohibition; spells within reason
Tasmeem Doha: International Art & Design Biennial:
Post Conference Catalogue 
Conference Identity
활자의 모습 Cast of Characters 워크샵 Workshop VCUarts Graphic Design Department Mailer, Virginia is for Lovers® Counterforms for Erik Brandt’s Ficciones Typografika
fēkit, Mature Fruitbody, Thresholds 스크린-창문 Screens-Windows 워크샵 Workshop
BIC® 4-Color™ Individual Ball Pen
Grow Into a Field, exhibition materials for Sun You
Untitled, 44 x 30 inches Sharpie® on paper
Glass Garden, Solo exhibition at SEDIMENT Material Art Fair for Good Weather Gallery 
Multiple formats: intervening steps & invitations into space
Familiars, exhibition materials for Katie Wynne & Haynes Riley Sunday Art Fair for Good Weather Gallery
Untitled, exhibited for Oripeau Open Source, Centre Européen d'Actions Artistiques Contemporarines
It was pretty nice today, ‘Strange Weather: Forecasts of the Future’ Station Model: 10012, Storefront for Art and Architecture
Wikipedia Random Article Collection [NOW DEFUNCT] Sharpie® Test sheet
Dark Matter Vol. 15, Waterstone Review Literary Annual
1st publication, color-changing markers